Instead of a traditional city tour, why don’t you spice it up with a treasure hunt on a scooter* ?

Both a cultural visit and a treasure hunt

Looking for a great way to learn about Paris’cultural and historical heritage with a challenge ? You found the right place ! Our tours are designed to combine a sightseeing tour of Paris with the fun of a treasure hunt on a scooter.

A sightseeing tour with at least three parisian must-see !

Our tours will take you to some of the city’s most treasured destinations. Because we mainly focus on central and historical neighborhoods, we garantee you at least 3 top monuments on each tour !

Wether you are a first-timer or a repeater in the city of lights, you will appreciate for sure our touristic explanations of our roadbooks. And you will definitely enjoy collecting clues about the places you discover !


What happens on a From Paris with Fun scavenger hunt ?

  • We meet you at the meeting point and let you try the scooter. We provide all the equipment (scooter,helmet, knee and elbow protections). You just need to come with your comfy shoes !

  • Once your ready and all geared up with the safety equipment, the Host introduces the plot of the hunt. It’s time to visit and solve riddles !

  • You complete the game and at the end of the tour, we meet and try to solve the mystery together.

Our tours on scooters to visit Paris

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