The Scavenger Hunt


2 hours


3.5 km


35€ / pax


From the Panthéon to... ...Surprise !

scavenger hunt on a scooter Paris

During this scavenger hunt tour, your team will have to find a number of specific places as given in the roadbook. You’ll see, some of them are breathtaking ! We decided to make the route a surprise but don’t worry, you will have a clue book with you and we are never far away in case you need help.

You will start in front of the Panthéon. Then, ride the streets looking for the right path. Each clue will lead your team to the next location. At each stop, you will look for « hidden details » and clues. You only need your accute sens of observation to find your way.

At the meeting point, a member of our team will introduce you the plot of the hunt. Once you have the roadbook, it’s time to hop on the non-electric scooter and go on an adventure !



During the scavenger hunt, starting in front of the Panthéon, you will :

  • Get an idea of what life was in Paris during Roman Times

  • Make your way to a fascinating island

  • Discover a former royal palace converted to a prison

  • Kiss a lucky-charm foot

  • And take in the sights of a lot of parisian must-sees !



  • Non-electric scooters (you're gonna have to kick back to ride).

  • Typically, this city tour last 2 hours. If you are very competitive, you can do it in one and a half hour. But if you want to take your time, the game can last three hours.

  • The tour ends at a different location than the departure point.

  • The hunts are suitable for ages 8 and up. We recommend this tour for kids aged 8 or older because they must know how to read in order to enjoy the roadbook. However, younger kids can join and they will enjoy it but adults will need to help them.

  • Safety equipment (helmets, knee and elbow protections) are provided.

  • In order to have a nice ride, wear comfortable shoes.

  • The activity is subject to favorable weather conditions. If it rains, we will get in touch with you to decide together whether we do the tour or not. Because riding a scooter is very slippery and can be dangerous when it rains, we can turn the hunt into a walking game. It won’t be the same experience but it still is fun !

How difficult is the scooter ride ?

Our scooters are manual ones. They are easy to learn and use. You are going to have to kick back to ride and will be in control of your speed (If you come with kids, don’t worry, they will teach you how to drive 😉). Plus, non electric scooter is legally considered a pedestrian so you are allowed to ride safely on sidewalks.

Paris is flat, so there are no difficulties (let’s be honest here : we won’t go to Montmartre ! It is a beautiful spot, but we all want to have a good time riding a scooter, right ?). Physical efforts demanded are limited nevertheless, there is a reason why our tours last 2 hours… Past that time, you’ll see, your legs are going to burn !

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